Girls who are boys..

“Girls who are boys…”

Be glad! You almost got the Cheeky Girls, until I realised from the alternative title that it was even less suitable than the above song!

Another shorty today and I’m carrying on the run the 41st birthdays, this time it’s another old friend, with whom I travelled around South Africa. She now lives and works in China, and I’m sadly proud of myself not only for remembering to get a card and sending it, but also for posting it on time!

With my “make do and mend” hat still on, I went back to my stash of 40th birthday cards, now with even less choice than before. I decided it was best to try to use one of my intentional/unintentional* BOGOF cards:


It seemed harmless enough on the outside…

It may not have been the most girly card in the world but then as an engineering student and now a maths teacher, my friend isn’t the most girly friend in the world either so it seemed to suit!

I duly dug out my gold-coloured gel pen (I get all tingly with excitement when I’m in a stationary shop) and carefully added an “ne” to the 40 already printed. Again not the best job in the world, but she’s good friend and she too believes in sustainability and concerns over environment, so I knew she would totally get it!


I just kept writing over the ‘ne’ until it was darker

Pleased enough with my effort, I then opened the card ready to write my message, only to have a nasty surprise greet me. Bloke? Bloke? BLOKE?

Ah darn and blast it! I wasn’t expecting that! However I was not to be deterred, so after a pause to gather my wits and come up with a solution, it seemed honesty and humour were my best tools. As usual.

In the end I scratched out “bloke” and inserted “lass” instead. Hah! She’ll never know…


Whooooaaaaa!!!!! Now that was a nasty surprise!!!!

Finally, as I closed the card, turned it over, and slipped it into the envelope, I realised the massive hint had been in front of my face all along:


To be fair the blue of the envelope had been mostly hidden when the card was wrapped

The envelope was blue. Presumably with the colour-coding of life blue still designates male and pink still designates female. Who knew we were in 2017 rather than 1917?

Edited to add: Turns out she was 41 yesterday not today. We’ve only known each other for 24 years. It’s the thought that counts though, yes?

*Who knows?


About Hannah Wiggins

An ICT specialist, musician, landscape archaeologist, linguist and crochet enthusiast with over 40 years' life experience packed with constant adventure and learning. Articulate, dedicated and passionate in everything I do.
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