Hold on tight

Hold on tight…

Today’s “make do and mend” is tight in many ways.

It began last night when I was running late before meeting some of my family for a meal. As usual, in order to get there in time, I needed to leave on the hour. As usual I realised at 5 minutes to the hour, that I still need to get changed; brush my hair; clean my teeth; find my car keys; and put my coat on. I was leaving it tight!

And so it was I found myself in a rush trying to put on a pair of tights. This is never a good combination. Even when faced with several hours to complete the task, I can still manage to click them with a fingernail, and/or push my thumb through them. You can already see where this one’s going can’t you?

A nice and perfectly thumb-shaped hole in the calf of the left leg of my tights. At this point I must stop my tale and apologise to you all as, given my tight schedule, I took very few photos. Errrrr, none in fact. Well, not until after I returned home last night, post-meal.

Pre-meal, however, found me running to my sewing box praying I had a needle already threaded in a suitable colour. Undeservedly, luck was on my side and I was able to sew up the hole with a very quick overstitch, incorporating the beginning of my thread within the overstitch to lose it, and work the end of my thread back through my stitching before cutting it.


Using a bit of thread and nail varnish to mend a hole

This however is not the end of my story, as often at this stage the stitching itself will become the new weak spot in the nylon and further holes will form. To stop and to seal my stitching and the nylon together, I used a good dollop of clear nail varnish all over my stitching and for a good quarter-inch or so around my stitching.

I made sure I did this while wearing tights so that the varnish dried to the correct size (given that the varnish will not stretch once dry!). Whenever I do this kind of mend on tights I always make sure I have a piece of tissue between my leg and a nylon, so the excess varnish can soak into the tissue.


Melted tight

I’m not sure if all nail varnishes do this, but mine is very old and very cheap and it actually seems to melt the nylon, so that once dry it becomes a nylon ‘weld’. Hence why I always make sure I have tissue between the nylon and my leg!

To answer the question I know is now popping into your minds, yes it is still visible when you’re looking for it! But only really as a darker smudge on the leg, rather than a hole that shows the colour of flesh underneath.

Given my style (and my family) it’s a look I can get away with!

PS. The above is not the only mend to these tights, and earlier attempts at wearing them had me creating a massive hole at the waist when trying to pull them up too quickly (now stop it; it was only because I was in a rush. No I mean… Oh never mind.)


An earlier attempt to write-off my tights



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An ICT specialist, musician, landscape archaeologist, linguist and crochet enthusiast with over 40 years' life experience packed with constant adventure and learning. Articulate, dedicated and passionate in everything I do.
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