Handbags and Gladrags

“So what becomes of you my love
When they have finally stripped you of
The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old Grandad had to sweat to buy you”

Whoopsies! I’ve been meaning to keep this blog up-to-date and to be honest I have been… but only in my head, … I haven’t quite got as far as typing them all up and posting them.  DOH!

I have been doing such a lot of mending and odd jobs, I’ve even been taking photographs as I’ve been going along! So forgive me, but the next few posts are likely to be short so I can catch up with myself and get my backlog written up and posted.

And so to today’s project. This was a quick mending job on a wonderful, handmade handbag I was given for Christmas one year. It has served me well but the other day, as I was pulling it off my shoulder to get my purse out, the shoulder strap caught and it ripped away from the main body of the bag, thankfully not tearing the fabric itself.

2017-01-20 15.40.58.jpg

The strap had torn away from the top seam

So out comes my trusty new sewing machine and as luck would have it both the needle thread and the bobbin thread were suitable colours and I didn’t feel it was worth changing them, it would serve well enough for my needs.

2017-01-20 15.41.07.jpg

Fortunately the fabric itself was not damaged

All that was required was to pull out the loose thread, pull the stitching through to one side, and tie off the ends, so that hopefully no more would come undone.  After that just a quick trip along the strap with the sewing machine to sew it back onto the main part of the bag.

Rather than turning the bag around to run up and then back down to create the new stitching, especially when it was only literally a few inches of stitches, I just used the reverse button on my machine, which made the job even quicker.


Three or Four times over the same place to make it a strong mend

Ta-da!!! As you can see, job done! And it only took about five minutes!

Had I been a bit more concerned about matching my colours; had it been a mend for someone else, I would have taken more time and made sure I had better-matched thread. However a rifle through my thread stash didn’t produce a colour and tone which would have blended well and, given it was just for me, rather than waiting until I could buy more thread, I just used what was the bobbin already.


Oh go on then. Have a picture of the entire bag. It really is a bonny wee thing. 🙂


The finished bag 🙂


About Hannah Wiggins

An ICT specialist, musician, landscape archaeologist, linguist and crochet enthusiast with over 40 years' life experience packed with constant adventure and learning. Articulate, dedicated and passionate in everything I do.
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