Kid Gloves

“Put on your kid gloves..”

Built in obsolescence. That’s what’s wrong with things nowadays!

Even my trusty Beagle is falling apart. So rather than cost the NHS another zillion pounds in getting a replacement, (£14 for the brace, plus all the time involved in ordering, taking delivery, sorting, contacting me to say it has arrived etc) I reckoned it would be another quickie for me to carry out and pop on T’blog.

It isn’t that I don’t love you peeps, but with one thing and another over the weekend and with full band practice today (see my Music page for further details), I’ve not had huge amounts of time. We can have a proper languorous catch-up another time, I’ll even give you juicy details and many full-sized, close-up, detailed pictures.

This was another pretty-easy wee project, I needed only to tie off the loose ends then sew over the current stitches, matching the stitching and thread, to reinforce the whole thing.


More loose ends than ‘Casablanca’

In order to tie off the loose ends, I needed to pull them both to one side of the material to the knot them together


I pulled gently on the loose thread to bring the stitch through


Ta-da! One stitch pulled through


Using a needle to pull the thread of the stitch

As long as I had the end stitch by the loose thread, the stitch I pulled through would be simply bringing the loose thread from the back side of the material. I then tied these two together and snipped the ends.


Handle with kid gloves…

I know a lot of people will ‘tut’ at me saying this is an unnecessary step if I am about sew over the top, but I was taught to do things, umm… ‘over-properly’.

Around the thumb area I tacked together the edges that had pulled apart because the neoprene is rather thick. Once I’d stitched over the original stitching a few times I took the tacking out.



For the main part of the wrist, where the velcro attaches, I started at one end and just stitched right over the top of the zig-zags with another, tighter zig-zag stitch of similar width.


Sewing over the current stitching


I zoomed up one edge and back down the other, using my reverse lever to sew over my work, before snipping the ends.

The splint now restored for use on my right wrist, I may manage to type for longer tomorrow, as promised. I really do spoil you lot.


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An ICT specialist, musician, landscape archaeologist, linguist and crochet enthusiast with over 40 years' life experience packed with constant adventure and learning. Articulate, dedicated and passionate in everything I do.
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2 Responses to Kid Gloves

  1. Elaine March says:

    Wow that looked like major surgery not just a running repair. Well done

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