“How long to sing this song…”

So today is the 41st birthday of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Jojo, as I tend to call her (probably to her irritation).

Without wanting to insult your intelligence dear reader, that meant that last year she turned forty, and as I’m a month older than her, I was 40 in the final month of the year previous. So I had bought a job lot of “Happy 40th Birthday” cards as many of our friends were passing by that very same milestone in the same 12-month period (mentally scratching graffiti on it as they passed too, if they are anything like me).

But, if they were anything like me, it would also mean that a year on and they still have ownership of those same cards. Now rather redundant unless prepared to wait for the next generation to pass the milestone!!

I was just mentally psyching myself to brace the high street in search of a card shop, when I remember my renewed and refocused “Make do and Mend” mantra. So I dug through my card stash (everyone who has a brain like mine really should have one) and dug out all my “Happy 40th” cards, to see what I had and what I may be able to salvage.


Why oh why did I buy two of the same design? Was it a BOGOF?

My choice wasn’t all that inspiring, but there was one which stuck out. Luckily inspiration was with me (so I guess she won’t come visit me again for a few months, I’ll have to make do with wit and humour, but even they have their bad days), and I grabbed one of my coloured uni-ball eye pens* and simply added an “n” and an “e” to the number.


Genius. If I may say so myself. Better start scratching my head now on how best to use the other three: For those about to turn 41… be ready!!


Forty-one is even more gorgeous, fantastic and fabulous than forty. Honest.

*Nope, I’m still not on commission


About SinginHinn

A freelance musician, teacher and IT consultant. Making peace with myself and finding a better headspace in my 40s...
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