“How long to sing this song…”

So today is the 41st birthday of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Jojo, as I tend to call her (probably to her irritation).

Without wanting to insult your intelligence dear reader, that meant that last year she turned forty, and as I’m a month older than her, I was 40 in the final month of the year previous. So I had bought a job lot of “Happy 40th Birthday” cards as many of our friends were passing by that very same milestone in the same 12-month period (mentally scratching graffiti on it as they passed too, if they are anything like me).

But, if they were anything like me, it would also mean that a year on and they still have ownership of those same cards. Now rather redundant unless prepared to wait for the next generation to pass the milestone!!

I was just mentally psyching myself to brace the high street in search of a card shop, when I remember my renewed and refocused “Make do and Mend” mantra. So I dug through my card stash (everyone who has a brain like mine really should have one) and dug out all my “Happy 40th” cards, to see what I had and what I may be able to salvage.


Why oh why did I buy two of the same design? Was it a BOGOF?

My choice wasn’t all that inspiring, but there was one which stuck out. Luckily inspiration was with me (so I guess she won’t come visit me again for a few months, I’ll have to make do with wit and humour, but even they have their bad days), and I grabbed one of my coloured uni-ball eye pens* and simply added an “n” and an “e” to the number.


Genius. If I may say so myself. Better start scratching my head now on how best to use the other three: For those about to turn 41… be ready!!


Forty-one is even more gorgeous, fantastic and fabulous than forty. Honest.

*Nope, I’m still not on commission


About Hannah Wiggins

An ICT specialist, musician, landscape archaeologist, linguist and crochet enthusiast with over 40 years' life experience packed with constant adventure and learning. Articulate, dedicated and passionate in everything I do.
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