Arm-y Of Me

“And if you complain [about the cold ] once more,
You’ll [get] an arm-y of [mine]”

I have a new toy. Yes I know this is about make do and mend, DIY and all things self-sufficient, but sometimes you need to have outlay, and this was one of those times. I wanted one of those all-singing all-dancing sewing machines which do embroidery stitches (to be honest anything past a straight line and a zig-zag is good for me). I couldn’t really justify buying a new sewing machine of the popular sewing machine brands (Singer, Brother, Frister & Rossmann etc), and knew that most sewing repair companies will not touch the cheaper, own-brand ones such as from the likes of Aldi, Lidl or Ikea, as it is very difficult to get spare parts to repair them.

Nevertheless, these it seems were the only ones in my budget, so I bought a SilverCrest (Lidl) machine for £60. It came with a 3-year warranty, so my reasoning was that if it can save me or make me £20 every year for 3 years, then it has at least paid for itself. After 3 years I’m on my own in terms of repair though!


My new toy

By then I hope I will have enough money to buy a better machine, and also have a better idea of what I personally want from the machine, so I can buy one with the functions and gadgets I will use. Both of my current machines are very basic and pretty old (a Singer hand-crank from 1939 and a {Frister & Rossmann foot-pedal} from 1975 with a broken zig-zag gear) so I have precious little experience of using a newer machine, and I would be very frustrated if I bought a £300 machine only to find it was badly designed or just not fit for my needs. There was a Singer machine in Lidl before Christmas selling for just over £100, but after taking a picture of the box in the store, and then researching the model online once home, it had pretty scathing reviews so I left it where it was!!

Anyhow. I digress. Again.

I wanted to start trying out all these new stitches (including a faux over-locking stitch (that’s a serging stitch for those of you across the Pond) and I wanted to start getting creative.

It can get a bit chilly in my house when I’m just sitting at my desk working during the day, but I refuse (and can’t afford) to put the heating on just for me, especially while it’s still light outside (currently only 7.5hrs of the day). And so, to make my mother proud, I generally just ‘go and put another jumper on…’. but my fingers, especially my pinkies, get very cold indeed.


My fingers begin adopting a slightly bluish tinge at about 1030hrs

So I decided to cut the sleeves out of an old jumper which had pretty cuff detail. I used the lovely scallop stitch on my machine to add detail, and pulled the fabric taught while stitching the scallops so that the fabric would ruche as a result (it is a 100% acrylic jersey knit fabric). I stitched three lines of scalloping, near what would be the cuff of my soon-to-be arm-warmers/fingerless mittens, with the final line also acting as a locking stitch.

I then trimmed the remaining fabric as close as possible to the scalloped edge, and et voilà! I had new mittens. The length and width of the cuff on my mittens resembles the Anne Boleyn style of sleeve, reputed to be designed deliberately long to hide her sixth finger (although sadly this seems a mere myth). Not, you understand, because I have six fingers on one hand (although that would making typing even quicker) but because as I mentioned, my little fingers get exceptionally cold and achy. The wide cuff also means there is less bulk by my wrist and hands when typing, unlike other finger-less mittens, which make it difficult to type. All-in-all another win for me.




The rest of the jumper now hangs on my clothes rail nervously awaiting its fate…

2017-01-11 12.14.10.jpg

It has noooo idea what will happen to it …


About Hannah Wiggins

An ICT specialist, musician, landscape archaeologist, linguist and crochet enthusiast with over 40 years' life experience packed with constant adventure and learning. Articulate, dedicated and passionate in everything I do.
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