We will find it, We will bind it…

We will find it, we will bind it, we will stick it with glue glue glue…”

Well this blog has been sitting staring empty-eyed and vacant at the world for far too long. I’ve been wanting to get it up and running but I’ve been unsure of what I really have to say, something I am passionate about. A lot of things for sure, but ones I could and would write about; share with the world and its cousin?

Then finally today I think the penny may have dropped. I’m writing this on 11th Jan 2017, but I’m going to back date it to the 1st of January as I feel I have done enough to warrant every day of the year to date. Let’s see how I get on!


My lovely first sewing machine, a hand-crank Singer, born on 7th April 1939 in Kilbowie, Clydebank, Scotland according to ISMACS

The penny that finally clunked through the slot of my brain was helped along by THIS lovely lady’s blog. I went there today for further tips to add to my Pinterest addiction (“SinginHinn” if you want to pop over and say ‘Hi!’), but after reading some of her posts, and then wandering downstairs to make a cuppa, I found myself pondering on what she writes, with which I totally agree, and which I have been doing to a small degree all my life on and off. She spent a whole year making do and mending clothes for her whole family as a way of standing up against consumerism. I was wondering if I could do similar. Then I released I almost do already. This year I have already darned a pair of socks here, made a pair of arm warmers out of an old jumper here, and got the hacksaw to a freestanding clothes rail to make it fit neatly in the space between my desk and the wall, to hold all the clothes and material for my next sewing/ mending/ creating-new-from-old projects here.

The hacksaw to the clothes rail was one thing, but I have also been painting doors here, painting radiator covers here, hanging hooks on doors here, hanging pictures on walls here, drilling holes and hanging curtain rails here, and re drilling/fettling a dangerously-close-to-falling-out-of-the-wall curtain rail here. I am not alone or unique in doing this, as a female living on her own, but with two particular friends in mind, both of whom now live without an adult male in the house and both of whom have told me of their reservations and fears of living alone, I thought that including the more DIY aspects of my make do and mending, might serve as encouragement and a confidence boost for other women who live alone and perhaps feel their DIY skills are lacking.

I am by no means an expert (hence the term DIY) but I was lucky with my upbringing to have been given many practical skills to which others were perhaps not exposed.  This blog is to document my everyday bits and pieces that I do around the house, the crafty things I create for myself, and the crafty things I create to sell, mainly from things I’ve already had lying around the house.

Welcome to my journey.


About Hannah Wiggins

An ICT specialist, musician, landscape archaeologist, linguist and crochet enthusiast with over 40 years' life experience packed with constant adventure and learning. Articulate, dedicated and passionate in everything I do.
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2 Responses to We will find it, We will bind it…

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks so much for the mention!
    So pleased to hear that the blog and our journey has inspired you to embark on your own exploration of consumerism and creativity – enjoy!
    Jen x

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