Hello there!

I’m primarily a musician and IT consultant, but I’m also a linguist, a DIY-er, a crafter, an amateur sewer (not the grey-water and excrement type; the type with needles, pins and sewing machines), a knitter, a newly-converted crochet-addict, and a ferret-owner. This site is an amalgamation of everything that makes me… well, me!

My Blog :: Music :: ICT :: Ferrets :: Crafts

This blog began over five years ago, in reaction to some bad times I was having but unfortunately I was unable to find a focus to help articulate what was going on in my mind.

Several years on and I’m in a much better place, I’m now self-employed, living with the man I love, and working from home in a cozy house full all animals.

Money may be tight, but as a clinical depressive, I can truly say that peace of mind, real true peace of mind, is now something I achieve everyday, in small but valuable ways.

Livin’ the dream…


2 Responses to Hello there!

  1. Many thanks for the follow. Look forward to reading your posts. Will you be putting any links to your own music on here? I too have two cats and I live in the south east of Engand. My daughter wanted a ferret but I wasn’t too keen on the idea. How do the cats and ferret get on? Kay

    • SinginHinn says:

      Hi Kay!
      Thank you for the lovely comments! It’s all very new to me so bear with me! The cats didn’t really like them at first, but over the months have softened and accepted them. The softer of my two cats now stands her ground too, and the ferrets have learnt to back off and give the cats space. Saying that though they do all play together – the ferrets love hide and seek so hide under the sofa, and the cats ‘guard’ from in front of the sofa jumping on a nose as it peeks out to see if the coast is clear… such fun to watch!!!

      H 🙂

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